Links to the People & Places I Like

Tara Brach

Tara Brach's podcasts always are insightful.  I feel a connection to her words that helps to guide me on my path of to Growth and  Truth.

Larry Wilmore:

Black on the Air

Larry Wilmore is the former "Senior Black Correspondent" on The Daily Show and host of The Nightly Show.  He is still keeping it 100!  He always has his own opinion and point of view.  No subject is just black or white.  Larry adds the color that gives greater depth that help to see the real issues.  


Single Cask Nation, an independent bottling company present this fun and informative podcast.  75 % of what I know about Whisky (Never with an E) I learned from these guys.

Dan Carlin Hardcore History

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History is the perfect combination of entertainment , scholarly lecture and intellectual thought.   




All the tech news you can handle.  I love Leo Laporte’s tech guy podcast.  He answers the tech question in a way that anyone can understand, no matter your expertise level.

Everything's a Gift


This is me and my wife's Ecomm site.  We source for products made in the USA (mostly made in New England), Fair Trade imports and Hand made items.  Most of the geeky products were my finds!