Winter Blues

My original plan when I started this blog was to have a new post at the least once a week. Then winter hit us with a punch of fury to the face and gut. The last 6 weeks have been unlike any other I have experienced in my 47 years on planet Earth. I can confidently say that I’m not along in this sentiment. Our next door neighbor who is 90 years old says that this has been the worse winter that she can recall. Never have I seen so many people on roofs with shovels. I never imagined that I would spend hours on a ladder breaking ice in frigid temperatures let alone that it would become routine to me – just part of another day’s work. No one I know is unaffected. Even our dogs seem out of sorts. Sometimes when I look in their eyes they seem to be saying, “Why can’t you make a warm and sunny day so I can run around the yard?”

So the Party Geek Blog has been taken to the back seat. I still think about party ideas but just not a lot of time to put them to paper (or HTML). As I sit here looking out at my back yard covered with 4 feet of snow it is hard to imagine the barbeques and back yard parties to come. But I know from past experience that the snow will melt and the days will become warm. And like the hibernating bear we will all awaken and partake of the fruits of the up coming seasons.

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