Leonard Nimoy

I was greatly saddened to hear of the passing of Leonard Nimoy. No other fictional character has had a greater impact on my life than Mr. Spock of Star Trek. In my youth I thought of myself as being like Mr. Spock in many ways. I tried to distance myself from emotion and focused on logic in the Vulcan way. The roots of my love of science can be found here.

It is sometimes difficult to separate the actor from the role he plays. This is very much the case with Leonard Nimoy who is not known for many other roles. One other place I can place him is as the narrator on the show In Search Of. As I became older, however, I realized that most of the topics on that show were not science but more like something you would read about in the National Enquirer. So I choose not to let that Nimoy intrude on my image of the man.


I know it is only my image. I'm sure he was someone different to all that really knew him and to all of us who only knew him through the media filter. Leonard Nimoy continues to Live Long and Prosper in my heart.

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