I need a vacation!

I need a vacation! After this brutal New England winter (the worst winter on record!) walking on a sandy beach in the warm sun sounds like heaven. It has been almost six years since my wife and I have been on a beach vacation and five years since we have left New England for a vacation – that trip was to Las Vegas.

Something seems to always come up when we try to plan a trip. Things like our work schedule, family commitments and price to name a few. But it is going to happen this year! We have friends who have just gotten back from two weeks in Jamaica. They have about three of these trips a year. It will be great to hear all about their trip but I would be lying if I said I was not a bit envious.

When it comes down to it, the bottom line reason why we can’t have at least one real vacation a year (not a staycation) is that we come up with excuses why we can’t. We do our best to take several staycations a year and don’t get me wrong - I love a staycation also. But at some point I find myself working or looking at tasks on my computer. So it is never really a vacation because we don’t get awy from the daily routine.

But we are going to make it happen this year! In this Sunday’s newspaper there was an advertisement for Sandals resorts - they focus on gourmet dining, bars with premium brand liquors, private in-suite infinity pool and butler service. All that stuff sounds great but it is like chocolate icing on a double chocolate cake. Blue water, blue sky and endless sand are all I really need. Hopefully you will be back here sometime in the not so distant future reading about our great vacation in some tropical land.

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