Enough with all the TV Commercials!

I realized that I don’t really watch a lot of live TV anymore excepted for sports. This realization came while watching the NCAA tournament. Most of the time I watch using the cable DVR, On Demand or Netflix. In most cases that means no commercials or – worst case scenario - you can fast forward past them. But watching the tournament live didn’t give me that option. Tell me, are there more commercials on TV now than in the past or does it just seem that way? Does anyone else find it maddening to have the game interrupted for a commercial? And then when the game finally comes back have to endure another commercial less than a minute later? And why are there so many commercials for prescription drugs? Shouldn’t my doctor already know about these drugs and prescribe them for me if I need them? It seems wrong that I would have to tell a doctor what I need. Doctors go to school for a long time and get paid a lot to provide this service. How much money are these drug companies spending on advertising? Maybe these drugs would be affordable for more people if these companies would change their focus. Is it all about making as much money as possible or helping people?

Then there are the cable on-demand shows in which the fast-forward function has been disabled. There are some NBC shows that I stopped watching because of this situation. They make the problem worse by repeating the same commercial over and over. It’s enough to make you turn off the TV and read a book.

The bottom line of this rant is that maybe the commercial TV programing is on the way out. Even for live sports, I try to avoid the commercials by pausing the broadcast at the beginning for about 45 minutes so I can later fast-forward past the commercials. Anyone else have any TV commercial workarounds?

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