We all have an opinion.

How did you feel about the series finale of Mad Men? I’m sure you have an opinion. Remember when - just a few years ago - most of us relied on only a handful of friends, family and coworkers with whom to compare our TV watching experiences? Now with Tweeter, Facebook and all the rest, we can give our opinions and hear the opinions of countless strangers even before the final credits show.

Mostly, I’ve believe that all the new media information and opinion sharing is a positive thing, but I’m starting to move in the other direction more and more. All the different options have the power to change the experience we have while watching a show for the first time. More and more, I want to form my own opinion before reading others’.

So, how did I feel about the final scenes of the series finale of Mad Men? I loved it! I know that there are many people out there who think that it fell short of expectations. But I would remind them that Mad Men – unlike so many TV show creative amalgamations out there – was the work and vision of one man. Matthew Weiner gave us one of the greatest works of art of the modern age. The finale, like the entire series, stayed true to Weiner’s vision and his characters grew but stayed consistent and real throughout. Asking for the stories of these beloved characters and this beloved series to have ended differently is tantamount to walking into a museum with a brush and paint to edit the masterpieces there.

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