Lets Deflate Deflategate!

There is nothing to be done about it now. It has been forever burned into our memories. Along with the winter of 2015 Deflategate will forever be with us. I consider myself a neutral observer living in New England but not being a Patriots fan. I have no hate for Tom Brady. I think that he is an obvious first ballet hall of famer and someone who should be looked up to as an example of not being giving much of a chance and making the most out of the opportunities he was given. That being said the guy is just another human like you and me. We all can make mistakes and handle situations not in the best way sometimes. If Brady did anything wrong it was very minor. At worse it was like driving 70 MPH on the highway where the posted speed limit is 65 MPH. And to add to it everyone else is also going 70, some 75. The error made by Brady and the Patriots was to assume that the NFL would act in a logical manner and not let this thing build into yet another public relations blunder. This is the latest example of how a multi-billion dollar company can make all the wrong moves and stay on top. Deflategate is now a lose-lose deal. We can’t have it both ways. There is the view that the Patriots always gets a slap on the hand for breaking the rules while the rest of the league is dealt with in a harsher manner. But if you ask the Patriots’ fans they would say the world is out to get them.

From my neutral view point it seems that this situation should have gone away a long time ago. The NFL must be making the point to disprove the notion that the Patriots can get away with things that most other time can’t. Why else would there be this major investigation over something that is some minor and something many other quarterbacks have admitted to doing.

Has there ever been a time where you can look at the leader of an organization, company or government and say that the lack of leadership and policy is so obvious that a change at the top is needed? One time pops to mind and that was the original Gate. For letting this became just the latest NFL PR nightmare maybe the NFL man at the top should follow Nixon’s example.

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