Return of the Thrones!

It’s Thrones time again!

Since I no longer have Braking Bad or Mad Men, Game of Thrones is my only deep dive, must watch, can’t miss TV watching. Season 6 has the potential to be something special. The long awaited book “Winds of Winter” did not appear in my Christmas stocking. (Or anyone else’s!) So beside from a few loose ends that were skipped over in previous seasons we should be getting fresh stories that can’t be spoiled. For people like me who have read all the books including the many novellas of the world of “The Song of Ice and Fire”, this will be a new watching experience. This is something that as far as I can tell is something that has never happened before. A part of me wishes that George RR Martin would have refused to let the show happen until he had finished the book series. For how great the TV show has been it can’t compare to the rich, complex world the books have created. I fear that the TV show will influence the ending of the book series in a negative way. It is hard for me to think that the last books will be what we would have gotten if there was no TV show. But that is crying over milk that has not even been spilled yet. In any event I intend on enjoying this upcoming season to the fullest. My enjoyment of the show is enhanced and prolonged by many of my favorite podcasts. The best of these come for Bald Move. Jim and A-Ron will be putting out an instant cast right after the show with their instant takes. Later in the week will comes the more in depth conversation about the episode. They will also have a spoiler cast on Fridays. In the past this was truly a spoiler cast with information from the books but this year it look to be more of a theory analysis. I can’t wait to dive deep into this complex world again.

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