Asimov’s Mule

If you like spicy you should try making this Habanero Infused Orange Juice. I quarter a Habanero pepper and put it in a glass container with 2 cups of orange juice. I let this sit in the refrigerator for a few days. I then strain the mixture discarding the remains of the Habanero. Caution: Use gloves when handling the Habanero and washer your hands soon after if you touch the Habanero pepper!

If you are not into the spicy cocktail, you can substitute regular orange juice for the Infused Orange Juice.

To make the drink add the Spiced Rum, Habanero Infused Orange Juice and the lime juice to a shaker filed with Ice. Shake and strain into a copper mug filled with Ice. Top off the mug with ginger ale.

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