May best of TV 2016 part 2

Here are shows 6 thru 10 of my Top TV of 2016!

10. O.J.: Made in America – This five part ESPN documentary does an excellent job of putting the “fictional” man that we and the media created in historical context. It is amazing to see the creation of this man in a time of racial turmoil. This documentary remembers the lost history of how big this man was to Americans, black and white.

9. Black Mirror – The third season, which is the first season made for Netflix, lives up to the reputation created by the first two seasons and the Christmas special. This show is at the same time other-worldly and on-point. The question is will we be able to avoid the traps and pitfalls of technology and social media that Black Mirror points out before we cross the Rubicon?

8. Better Call Saul – In the second season Better Call Saul continues to tell the story of how Jimmy becomes Saul Goodman. It’s not Breaking Bad but it does lessen the void created by the loss of Walt and Jesse. Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks are great as always as Jimmy and Mike. And it’s like seeing long last friends when characters from early seasons of Breaking Bad show up.

7. Westworld – What is consciousness? Is an artificial consciousness being worth less than a human being? Artificial or not, can there be consciousness without pain? The questions keep coming and coming. Too bad we have to wait more than a year for the next season!

6. Stranger Things – This show is an example of a perfect Netflix binge. The perfect amounts of sci-fi, action and mystery to have you craving the next episode even before the one you are watching ends. This is an old school fun ride. Set in the 1980’s it has many of the features of that era’s Movies, like The Goonies and ET.

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