Have you heard?

How do we deal with the emotional impact of losing our heroes? It is one thing to have someone that you have admired and who has greatly affected your world-view pass from life to death, but it is another to have your high opinion and admiration wiped away by dark allegations and scandals. In the world that we live in today this is a frequent occurrence. The question is not should we separate the good and noble parts of a persona from a darker side that has been hidden and now is out for all to see, but is it even possible to make any such separation.

My heart is heavy today. In the last year I have seen so many men that I held in high regard fall to disgrace. All these incidents have saddened me, most of all for the victims who in some cases have suffered for years and have never had a voice - or I should say a voice that could be truly heard. To wake this morning as I did, and hear that a hero of yours is one of these oppressors can shake the foundation of your being. There are no easy answers.

Tom Ashbrook was a hero to me. On Point was my trusted news source. To hear that he was dismissed from the show for being a bully to his co-workers has saddened me to tears. The world is changing fast. I trust that it is changing for the better. We all should have the freedom to feel safe at work no matter what the job or location. If people we hold in high regard must fall in order for this to happen, it must be so.

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