LG HB S760

I’m writing today about a product I have a strong attachment. I use it up to 8 hour a day on most days. May love of the LG HB S760 Bluetooth headset is based on its reliability. For many years I’m listened to music, audio book and podcast while working. This goes back to the days of my old IPod classic and ear buds. I would say that I averaged 4 pair of ear buds a year before I moved on to Bluetooth. The greatest advantage of Bluetooth over wired buds for me was no hanging wires that could get snagged on door knobs or many other things. Once you move to Bluetooth there are other issues such as getting connected and staying connected to the device that you need to stay connected. Then there is battery life. As I’ve said I’m using this for 8 plus hours most days. When I purchased this headset my thinking was that maybe I would get 3 or 4 months of used if I was lucky. Three years later it is still going strong. So I file this one in the category: Devices I love!

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